Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to your registration to and/or use of Smart Scooters Limited. Our company registration number is 679992 and our registered office is located at Dublin, Ireland. Email: info@smartscooter.com
our website www.smartscooters.ie

Smart Scooters Limited Terms
The rider must be 16 or over to use our service.
You agree that we will process all personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be read at www.smartscooters.ie/privacy-policy
We have the right to refuse or suspend your account at any time for non-compliance with these terms.
We may amend our terms and conditions, charges, details or service from time to time.
We offer no guarantee that an e Scooter will be available when needed. All e Scooter hire is subject to availability.

You can unlock an e Scooter by scanning the QR code on the scooters handlebar.
When you have finished riding the e Scooter, you must park and lock it responsibly and in accordance with local guidelines, outlined in the app.

Usage Charges
The cost to rent an e Scooter is €1.00 unlocking fee and €0.15 for each minute thereafter.
You need to provide a valid debit or credit card. This can be either a VISA, Visa Electron, from which we can deduct the Charges.
By default, the payment flow will be wallet based. If you have an amount in your wallet, greater than the Minimum balance your ride will begin, and the ride amount will be deducted from the wallet on conclusion of the ride. If the ride amount is more than the wallet balance, the remaining balance is deducted directly from your card.
If you have an amount less than the minimum balance, you will be given the following options –
1. Pay using a wallet – you will have to top up the wallet and add the Minimum balance to start the ride.
2. Pay using card – ride amount will be deducted from the card on conclusion of the ride.
As a registered user, you agree to providing us with correct and up to date card information which we can collect the Charges.

Scooter Faults
you are requested to inspect the e Scooter before unlocking it. If you discover any problems with the e Scooter, we ask you to report it in the customer service section of the app or email info@smartscooters.ie                          

If you find a fault with the e Scooter while riding, please immediately bring the e Scooter to a stop and park it responsibly. Please report this fault to us on the app.

NEVER ride a faulty e Scooter.

User Obligations

Smart scooters recommend wearing of safety helmets when riding an e Scooter.
You are responsible for keeping the e Scooter safe at all times whilst it is in your possession.
You agree to use the e Scooter safely and responsibly and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations including the Rules of the road.
You shall comply with all Smart Scooters Limited policies when using our e Scooters.
You must conclude your ride with the e Scooter in the same condition as when you unlocked it.

Usage Restrictions
Only the registered user, is allowed to ride the e Scooter.
Do not damage, tamper, modify or make any other additions to the e Scooter;
Do not park the e  Scooter anywhere other than in accordance with local council guidelines and per Smart Scooters instructions.
Do not load the e Scooter with a total weight of more than 100kg or 220lbs;
Do not carry any illegal or dangerous objects;
Do not use the e Scooter in a reckless or dangerous manner or to carry out any illegal activity;

Our insurance partner is Arachas. When riding a Smart Scooter, you are covered under Rider Liability Insurance. This is for protection against damages to third parties. You are covered up to €1 million for material damages and unlimited for Bodily Injury to a third party.
You are also covered under Personal Accidents Insurance. This is for protection in case of injury to the body, mind or emotions.

You are protected in the case of:

Accidental death, permanent or temporary total disability and repatriation due to accidents, up to a total of €50,000.

Liability to third parties: insurance claim will not be covered where;

The accident occurs whilst the vehicle is being used: by anyone other than you or a user, for anything other than the purposes specifically noted on the certificate of motor insurance and under your cover above or, outside of territories.

The user has another insurance policy in place which covers the same or similar risks.

  1. loss or damage to the vehicle itself.
  2. The loss or damage is otherwise to property which belongs to you or any user, or is in the care, custody or control of anyone insured under this policy.
  3. Any bodily injury to or damage to property owned by a third party which does not occur as the direct result of an accident involving a vehicle.
  4. The loss or damage claimed relates to any fines and penalties (whether civil or criminal).
  5. The loss or damage relates to the costs or expenses of defending criminal proceedings where the user either: was under the influence of drink or drugs at the time of the accident; or is charged with leaving the scene of the accident or costs or expenses relating to the defence of criminal proceedings.
  6. The user is acting in the course of their employment and any liability arising from an accident is more specifically covered by an insurance required by the Employer’s Liability Compulsory Insurance.

Personal Accident Charges
If you damage an e Scooter we will charge you a repair fee, payable on demand, of up to a maximum the value of the scooter.
If you lose an e Scooter you will immediately pay the cost of the e Scooter.
If you fail to park a SMART e Scooter responsibly, we may issue charges to your account.
You hereby authorise us to deduct such payments from the payment card registered to your Smart Scooter account.

Only you and we have rights under these terms and conditions. No other person shall have any rights under these terms and conditions.
You may not transfer any of your rights under these terms and conditions to any other person.