The rider is the sole renter and personally responsible for the SMART scooter. In order to become a SMART rider, you must be 16 years of age or older and be a competent scooter rider. The new rider must watch our first ride video and have good knowledge of road safety. The rider must understand that they take full responsibility for injuries caused by using the SMART scooter. SMART advises riders to be fully aware of weather and road conditions. Vandalism and modification to the SMART scooter is illegal and offenders will be prosecuted. The rider must follow our rules, rules of the road, government laws and local guidelines. Riders must stay in the geofenced area that the local authority has outlined in app. It is the rider’s responsibility to park in designated areas and take ride finish photo to confirm your ride is over and SMART scooter is in parking area and pre ride condition. Riders should examine SMART scooter before ride commences to make sure scooter in riding condition. If riders see or cause damage to scooter, please report to            Riders must not be under the influence of alcohol or any drugs. SMART scooters are single rider vehicles and must only be used in the time permitted.